Cleanroom Laundry Services

Cleanroom laundry services provide rental, laundry and processing services to ensure the clothing you are using in your cleanroom meets the cleanliness and sterility standards you require.

Elis cleanroom garment rental

We partner with Elis Cleanroom for all your cleanroom laundry requirements. Elis Cleanroom build a profile of your business so your dedicated Account Manager and its employees can understand the needs of your company.

Elis cleanroom laundry service

Its solutions for your business include garment rental, cleaning systems, mats, sterile goggles, footwear and stock tracking with our customer accessible Connected Cleanroom™ data system. With 28 cleanrooms in 17 countries Elis Cleanroom offers stringent contingency, giving you peace of mind. 

Cleanroom suit rental

To tell us about your laundry requirements, please contact us.

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